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Luanga Choba



There are two songs, Leave Me and Nxae. The second song, Nxae, is a powerful ode to Mother Earth - a collective apology for the ecological damage that has been meted out on Africa. Nxae is the Setswana word for Sorry



Through this moving song we hope to create awareness about the great harm created by canned lion hunting in South Africa and trophy hunting in general. The lyrics tell the true story of a lioness, known as the “Dark Lioness.”





The following song, “Dying to be Free” is based on Gareth's book of the same title. This song project was an collaboration between the wonderful singer/song-writer, Anouschka, and Gareth.  








Johnny Clegg (with Nelson Mandela)



Mwana Bermudes song Soul Creatures.

From Mwana's debut album of the same title.




Beautiful song, Meu Filho, by Maria Lua. Maria is Mwana Bermudes very talented daughter.




Burning Spear - Don't Kill the Lion



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