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Co-founder Sekai  - African Environmentalism Group.



Inspirational Speaker

Wildlife Welfare/Protection Consultant

Wildlife Advocacy


Knysna Elephant Research Project - rediscovered and studied the southern-most elephants in the world (population status, diet, range, movements and history). Book: The Secret Elephants. Documentary: The Search for the Knysna Elephants. Various reports and papers.


Co-founded Sekai in late 1990's: Sekai projects - Undertook survey of the extent of range and movement corridors of Tuli elephants in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Report. Exploration into the existence of cross-border elephant movement corridors 


Tuli Elephant Population: Investigated and exposed the capture and the abuse in captivity, of thirty baby Tuli elephants.


Canned Lion Industry: Investigated and exposed the canned lion industry in South Africa.

Books:  Dying to be Free (the canned lion scandal), Making a Killing.


Founder of the Tuli Lion Trust, Botswana: Rescued the last Adamson lion orphans and rehabilitated them back into the wilds, anti-poaching, environmental education, public awareness of the plight of the African lion.

Books:  Last of the Free and With My Soul Amongst Lions.

Documentaries: Born to be Free, Shadows of Gold and Gray.


Assistant to George Adamson at the Kora National Reserve, Kenya:  Lion rehabilitation, monitoring local lion population. 

Book: The Lion's Legacy.

Various reports.


Southern African Lions:  Six month survey/research into the status of the lion in Southern Africa.   

Findings compiled in the book, Where the Lion Walked.


Observer study of the Tuli lion population, Botswana:  Findings compiled in reports and the book, Cry for the Lions.

Photo by - Horst Klemm

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